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Because of technology’s exponential progress, we have not just discovered several new things and broadened our horizons, but gained new experiences.

One of tech’s main goals is to improve our lives and make them all the more comfortable, from the machine learning algorithms that optimize our lives to the breakthroughs in human longevity. Our progress isn’t showing any signs of stopping either.

There is one field in particular that I’m quite keen on discussing that will make our education more interactive, VR games more immersive, and remote surgery robots more advanced. …

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A Stirling Engine

Rushing waters and strong winds turn turbines and photons from the Sun to knock electrons free from their atoms. Hydro, wind, and solar energy are among the most common forms of sustainable energy derived from our natural world. As the need for sustainability grows, so do the innovations. Newer ways to create energy without the need to burn fossil fuels, such as perovskite solar cells, are being continuously engineered and new innovations like black silicon photodetectors are just over the horizon. With all of these awesome innovations and developments making headlines in science journals, it’s easy to lose sight of…

Ahmad Shams

16-year-old learning about the nuanced field of haptics as well as the future of emerging technologies.

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